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"The musical score worked beautifully as an ever-present reminder of the world that we’re in during [The Butterfly Queen]" - Overly Honest Movie Reviews

Dimitrios Kapoukranidis Music
Dimitrios Kapoukranidis Music

Dimitrios Alexander Kapoukranidis is an award-winning composer, vocalist, and musician with over a decade of experience creating original music for a vast array of projects. Drawing influence from the scores of the stories that shaped his childhood, he lends an emotionally-driven creative voice to film scores, role-playing games, branding content, and other mediums. Striving to help tell a story or to elevate a human experience are the defining qualities of his work. Utilizing the sounds of sparse or lush soundscapes, modern cinematic and rock arrangements, intimate and organic chamber music and anything in-between, he is able to deliver those essential creative elements to any project.
Having studied under accomplished and acclaimed composers, Dimitrios has collaborated with filmmakers, game developers, musicians, writers, and performers for works on stage and on screen, both large and small. He has composed for and performed with professional and student musicians alike. In 2022, he composed the original score for award-winning feature-length film 'The Butterfly Queen'. With the original soundtrack album for the film released the following year, he provided the score for indie game jam project 'You Got Played' and has royalty-free Game Music Packs on and GameDevMarket. The Butterfly Queen OST is available now for purchase,  with projects in collaboration with independent Aqua Du Bouchet and Gideon Jones currently in development.


Curiosity is a driving force each time Dimitrios enters his studio to work, with a passion for discovering a musical sound that truly belongs where it ends up. Giving every project he contributes to its own, unique musical stamp is a cornerstone of Dimitrios' compositional approach - As he always notes, "No two projects are ever the same, so no two projects should sound the same, either."

Dimitrios is currently open for commissions by email, if you are in need of original music for your game, film, or other media project!

Liam O’Connor-Genereaux - WalrusDice Productions

"Dimitrios is a gem to work with. He scored my fantasy feature, 'The Butterfly Queen', and his music brought out elements of the story that I didn't think we were going to be able to tell. He was able to add layers and texture to our scenes, so that the music became its own player in the story - influencing and revealing the rest of the artistic elements, as opposed to simply reflecting them. More than that, Dimitrios is efficient, careful and meticulous, with a very large wheelhouse of music voices and styles... Dimitrios isn't just a fantastic music-maker. He's a really, really good storyteller. I can't wait to work with him again." 

- Liam O'Connor-Genereaux, Writer/Director, 'The Butterfly Queen' (2022)

"Never having worked with someone creating music before, I was apprehensive about the process and the end product. I shouldn't have been, as Dimitrios is a consummate professional and amazing composer. I had the absolute pleasure of working with Dimitrios on the 'Bone Age' music project, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the experience and the quality of the music he crafted for me... Dimitrios brought a unique and innovative perspective to the project, infusing the music with a perfect blend of emotion and energy that perfectly complimented the overall vision we outlined at the beginning of the process. His talent and dedication to the craft were evident in every composition, creating a sonic landscape that truly enhances the storytelling of 'Bone Age'. What I appreciated most about working with Dimitrios was his collaborative spirit and his desire for open communication. Our ideas flowed seamlessly, and his ability to translate concepts into musical masterpieces exceeded my expectations.

 - Etienne Vallée, 'Bone Age' -Saga of the Dreamer TTRPG

The Bone Age - TTRPG
Koko Ni Inai: I'm Not Here

"Dimitrios was very easy to work with... He asked questions I didn’t think about. He understands the filmmaking side, which helped a lot. He was very flexible with how to go about it... He worked faster than I expected, was reliable throughout the whole process, and has great communication skills. I liked what he produced, and when I asked to make a few changes, he listened very well to what I wanted.... Honestly, I don’t want to recommend Dimitros to other filmmakers because then he might not have time to work with me on my future films, but I do look forward to listening to more of his works in different genres... All in all, please do (not) hire him!" 

- Emel Saat, Writer/Director, 'Koko Ni Inai (I'm Not Here) (2021)

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